Tuesday, February 1

Metal album releases February 2011

Here's a list of the new metal releases and new metal albums for February 2011. Updated every time a new metal album is released during the month.

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  • FEBRUARY 2011 Metal album Releases

    MINDFLOW "With Bare Hands"

    JOLLY - "The Audio Guide To Happiness"

    LONG DISTANCE CALLING - "Long Distance calling"


    Lethal Doze Of... - Blackrain

    DyNAbyte "2KX"

    Lucky Street - Go Radio

    The Dark Epic - One Man Army

    DAYS OF ANGER "DeathPath"

    Bizarro World - Deadlock

    Back On Track - Shakra

    Broken Heart Syndrome - Voodoo Circle

    The End of the World Party - I See Stars

    Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa - Moonsorrow

    Stormwarning - Ten

    Scheepers - Scheepers

    Bleeding the New Apocalypse - The Project Hate MCMXCIX

    XXV - Pallas

    Flammentriebe - Dornenreich

    The Midnight Sons - Bukowski

    Ìgèret - Dalriada

    To Hell With God - Deicide

    DESTRUCTION "Day of Reckoning"

    TWINSPIRITS "Legacy"


    The Last Caress of Light - Darkest Era

    Asylon - Neuraxis

    The Architects of Guilt - The Famine

    Lower Forms (Deluxe) - Rabbits

    Slander - Dr. Acula

    Speaker of the Dead - Emmure

    See How You Are - The Warriors

    A SKYLIT DRIVE "Identity on Fire"

    Sever the Wicked Hand - Crowbar

    CAULDRON "Burning Fortune"

    Sons of the North - Black Spiders

    Regeneration - Emerald Sun

    Folie á cinq - Sparzanza

    Tao of the Dead - ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

    V - Vreid

    Wrath Upon The Earth - Svartsyn

    New World Shadows - Omnium Gatherum

    Highway Pirates - Bullet

    Murhat - Ajattara

    Black Rivers Flow - Lazarus A.D.

    Ukon Wacka - Single - Korpiklaani

    Subvert The Dominant Paradigm - Noisear

    Leveling the Plane of Existence - Abysmal Dawn