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New metal album releases January 2011

List of Hard rock and heavy metal albums released in January 2011. Updated every time a new metal album is released during the month.

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  • JANUARY 2011 Metal album Releases

    THE AQUABATS - "Hi Five Soup"

    The World As We Love It - Pushking

    Parasignosis - Mitochondrion

    A Farewell To Arms - TNT

    Wolf-Father - Nidingr

    The sun I carried alone - Iskald

    Hurtsmile - Hurtsmile

    The Summoning - Glamour Of The Kill

    HELL IN THE CLUB - "Let the Games Begin"

    Pregnant With Promise - Red Mourning

    Atmosphere - Bad Habit

    What If. . . (Bonus Version) - Mr. Big

    Remorse - Ordog

    Nihilistic Stench - Nadiwrath

    Doombound - Battlelore

    Tiurida - Falkenbach

    Riotology - Artas

    Sounds of Violence - Onslaught

    Dead Lights - But We Try It

    Architects of Perfection - Six Reasons to Kill

    Moonchild - Katanga

    Unreal FairyTales - Spellbound Dazzle

    SKANNERS - "Factory of Steel"

    OVERDRIVE - "Angelmaker"

    GRAVE DISECRATOR - "Insult" Insult - Grave Desecrator

    LIONHEART - "Built on Struggle" Built on Struggle - Lionheart

    Farewell to Freeway - "Filthy Habits" Filthy Habits - Farewell to Freeway

    Nuclear Blast Showdown Spring 2011 (exclusive bonus version) - Various Artists

    EMMURE - "Demons with Ryu single" Demons With Ryu - Single - Emmure

    OCEANO - "Contagion" Contagion - Oceano

    LEGION OF THE DAMNED "Descent Into Chaos" Descent Into Chaos - Legion of the Damned

    ALGHAZANTH - "Vinum Intus"

    Vinum Intus - Alghazanth

    RIVAL SONS - new EP released "Rival Sons"
    Rival Sons (EP) - Rival Sons

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    HELRUNAR - Sol

    Sól (Pt. I - Der Dorn im Nebel, Pt. II - Zweige der Erinnerung) - Helrunar

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    Social Distortion - Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes by Epitaph Records

    MYGRAIN - MyGrain
    MyGrain - Mygrain

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    BELPHEGOR - Blood Magick Necromance

    STRATOVARIUS - Elysium
    Elysium (Bonus Track Version) - Stratovarius

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